How Do You Use 3D Surgical Animations?

Expertly-done surgical animations have numerous benefits. These 3D animations are typically rendered using state-of-the-art computer graphics. By using the best technology our modern industry has to offer and having the entire project handled by a team of top experts, an animation makes it possible to show an audience exactly what is happening inside the human body. Your audience can see something like a beating heart or a fetus growing inside the womb like never before! 

3 Valuable Uses for Professional Surgical Animations

It’s easy to let your imagination run wild and think of many uses for these surgical animations. They are often used for the following:

Criminal Defense or Prosecution 

In this type of legal matter, the animations are used to demonstrate the cause of injury or death. Often, we see them used in a murder cases, police officer involved shooting, or other tragic accidents. It isn’t enough to tell the jury what happened. It’s not even enough to show them crime scene photos. This type of animation is the best way for laypeople to truly understand the gravity of the situation and how a human body was damaged.

Medical Negligence

Rather than the scene of a shooting or other vicious attack, animations can also be used to show the standard of care violations and surgical mistakes. One of the biggest challenges when presenting a medical malpractice suit is that the jury is neither medical or legal experts. If you’re able to show them an animation they understand, it makes your argument much easier to process.

Scientific Studies 

These animations aren’t always used after a crime is committed. They can also be utilized to display the effectiveness of a medication or new procedure. In an educational setting, they can be presented to show students how a procedure works or investors why putting their money in a new technique is the right financial move. When they see how it works, they’re much more likely to agree that this method is the new standard of care and sure to take off. As well, the animations can be used to show a new technique to the doctors and surgeons who will actually be performing in. It’s much easier for them to understand the new concept by watching an animation rather than reading about it in a journal or text book. They’ll feel like they’re really “in there!”

Trust The Experts at Evidence Room

Explaining an injury, disease, the function of the body, or the effectiveness of treatment has never been easier. At Evidence Room, our talented team of specialists has extensive knowledge and experience in the creation of custom surgical animations. If you’re ready to put these to good use, we’d like to speak with you further.


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