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Scene reconstruction and 3D animations are fundamental pieces to be used in legal presentations, especially in personal injury, criminal defense, and civil rights cases, where determining a verdict can be a very difficult task and where demonstrative evidence can become a powerful persuasion tool. Allowing the jury to SEE the evidence as it relates to the causation of the events. Lawyers nowadays are finding demonstrative evidence as an essential part of their presentation because of the value and impact that animation can give to support the facts.

At The Evidence Room, we have worked along with the best lawyers in America and collaborated on several hundreds of trials in every practice area. We have more than 17 years of experience in the forensic animation industry and our work has been featured on CBS News, CBS Crimesider, 48 Hours, and many others. We strive to provide our animations & reconstruction services to lawyers that are looking for techniques to enhance their legal strategy and justice through litigation.

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Not Just A Simple 3D Animation, We are Forensic Animation Specialists

Forensic animations and demonstrative evidence are not about generating pretty animations and graphics. Computer forensic animations are revolutionizing the way information is being presented in modern litigation. For example, rather than simply viewing a map of the site of an automobile accident and the pictures of the resulting damage, jurors can watch a re-creation of the accident as described by witnesses, experts, and other testimony.

The Forensic Animation Specialists from The Evidence Room, LLC are able to simulate substantially similar conditions like weather, lighting, impact, force, and speed. The Evidence Room, LLC can create a POV or Point of View to allow the jury to see the accident from a position where it is most advantageous to determine the fault of a party. Animations are being used in all types of cases to simplify complex scientific processes, including the following:

  • Shooting Scene Reconstructions.
  • Medical Device Failure.
  • Construction Incidents.
  • Crime Scene Reconstructions.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents.
  • Other Complex Litigation.
  • Medical Negligence.
  • Work Place Accidents.
  • Forensic Animations

Lawyers Assistance

We are here to help and deliver results. Scott Roder, CEO of The Evidence Room, personally oversees all of the cases and ensures every project is delivered with high quality. We are different from other demonstrative evidence firms because we have the technical experience, education, training that are proven in our results. If you’re a lawyer and would like to request our animation and reconstruction legal assistance to be presented to a jury, don’t hesitate on contacting us now! Call us at (216) 502-0400 or use our contact form so we can reach you and set up all the details.


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