Medical Animations Used for Interactive Fetal Heart Monitor

Birth related injuries are a parent’s worst nightmare. If a formerly healthy fetus is harmed during a routine birth and results in lifelong problems for the child, it is up to the family and attorneys to bring this medical neglect to court. An Interactive Fetal Heart Monitor is the most important exhibit when presenting birth related injuries to a judge or jury. This is too important to leave in the hands of a non-expert or try to demonstrate yourself. You need a professional medical animation done by the experts at Evidence Room.

An Interactive Fetal Heart Monitor is educational and easy to present. The fetal heart monitor strip is often the main piece of evidence in any case involving this type of injury. It traces activity during labor and delivery, such fetal heart rate (including baseline, accelerations, and decelerations), uterine contractions, and more. A professional medical animator can recreate the fetal heart monitor for the jury to experience, both seeing and hearing these heart rate changes for themselves. Displaying an Interactive Fetal Heart Monitor during trial is considered the most effective way to convey the contractions and fetal heart rate during labor to convincingly tell your story to the jury, often resulting in a legal victory.

Interactive Fetal Heart Monitor are Often Used for the Following:

  • Personal Injury – to explain conscious pain and suffering or other permanent deficits.
  • Criminal Defense or Prosecution – to demonstrate the cause of injury or death.
  • Medical Negligence – to show standard of care violations and surgical mistakes.
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