Personal Injury Death Demonstration — Ian Huffman

Ian Huffman was killed on impact during an accident involving him, his girlfriend, and a volunteer firefighter named Timothy Johnson. Johnson was charged criminally in Huffman’s death — he had been answering an emergency call as a volunteer firefighter when the crash happened. He was eventually sentenced to nine months in jail after pleading guilty to vehicular homicide.

His pickup truck had reached speeds of up to 98 miles per hour when the crash occurred, leaving our client, Olivia Duty, Huffman’s girlfriend, unable to avoid the collision.

Below is a scene reconstruction of that accident created by the team at the Evidence Room. For more in-depth scene reconstruction videos, visit us here.


photo shows the evidence room logo

Other professional proficiencies include:

Autopsy Visual Interpretation
Application of the Principles of Forensic Science
Graphic Design
Video Production
Application of the Principles of Police Policy and Procedures

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