Shooting and Crime Scene Reconstruction

3D animations are a great way to present to a juror a shooting and crime scene reconstruction, which involves several different factors and elements that cannot be easily explained without visual support. Therefore, Evidence Room, LLC offers professionally produced shooting and crime scene reconstruction animations, illustrations and visual exhibits to be used at trial.

About Our Work

We have a team of professionals that work together in order to produce useful material to be used at trial. Shootings and crime scenes are very hard to recreate. To produce our crime scene reconstructions, we incorporate many different elements:

Trajectory analysis
Blood evidence
Surveillance camera videos
Police in-car video
Police & dispatch communications
Police In-car GPS data
Police reports
CSI reports
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Do you need legal support for a shooting incident or crime scene reconstruction? We have years of verified experience in forensic animations and trial exhibits, and our work has been aired on famous TV shows like CBS 48 hours. Contact us now and we’ll do our best to help you! Use our contact form or call us at (216) 502-0400

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