How Is Medical Animation Used in the Medical Field?

Rendered using 3D computer graphics, a medical animation makes it possible to show an audience exactly what is happening inside of the human body. It offers visuals like never before. Explaining an injury, disease, the function of the body or the effectiveness of treatment has never been easier! It may already be clear to see why this would be so helpful within the medical field.

Learn a Bit More About Medical Animations

A medical animation is a short educational film, usually based around a physiological or surgical topic, that is rendered using 3D computer graphics. Medical animations are often used for the following purposes within the medical field:

Medical Negligence

According to BMJ, medical errors are the third greatest cause of death in the United States. When a medical provider’s actions or inactions fail to meet the medical standard of care, their behavior constitutes what is termed “medical negligence.” This negligence results in causing harm to a patient. The animations can be used to show the standard of care violations and surgical mistakes.

Personal Injury 

Medical animations are well-suited to explain conscious pain and suffering or other permanent deficits. When a person can prove the various legal elements that add up to a personal injury case, they can take legal action against a negligent boss, property owner, driver, or medical provider to recover an award for their injury. 

Scientific Studies

They can also be used to display the effectiveness of a medication or new procedure. There are occasions where something complex needs to be shown to others, like at a conference or to leaders in the board. Whenever investors are needed, explanations must be easy to understand and see value in.


One of the many ways medical professionals are able to use professionally-made 3D medical animations is to improve their communications with patients. Medical procedures and terms can be overwhelming for those not in the medical field. Medical animations can be used for educational purposes, like teaching students or making a patient aware of what is happening with their body. While it may be intended for an array of audiences, a medical animation is most commonly utilized as an instructional tool for medical professionals or their patients.

Professional Medical Animations Done by Evidence Room

At Evidence Room, our talented team of specialists has extensive knowledge and experience in the creation of custom medical animations and illustrations. With our director, Patrick K. Mooney, at the helm of the medical division of Evidence Room, you are in good hands! Patrick has been trained in human anatomy and physiology at the Cleveland Institute of Art. It is one of the most well-respected schools in the field. This is one reason we’re able to say we produce the best animations in the industry today.

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