Biomechanical Animations and Demonstrative Exhibits

Biomechanical animations are proven to be a major support for successfully proving a case at trial. The Evidence Room uses advanced analysis techniques and the latest animation technologies to generate the most effective and accurate displays. Biomechanical animations are perfect for covering accident reconstructions and the possible impact forces and motions on a human body or other external elements.


Expert Calculations

It is very important that before developing an animation, a biomechanical expert will analyze the whole scenario to calculate all of the influential forces and their impact on the actors. This will allow the animators to deliver a reliable exhibit with high chances of causing a positive impact in court.

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The Importance of Biomechanical Animations

Many people may differ on the importance of using visual exhibits on trial. As an experienced demonstrative evidence company, we can support their effectiveness with real-life examples. Biomechanical animations go even further and demonstrate accident reconstruction with its true physical impact. Some of the reasons why we recommend you to support your case with biomechanical simulations are:


  • Augments the reconstruction
  • It assists in the understanding of human factors and the resulting injuries.
  • Demonstrate the physical impact on bodies and/or elements
  • Expert collaboration bolsters the theory and causation.

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