Shooting Scene Reconstruction – Criminal Defense- Colleen McKernan

In 2014, Colleen McKernan was tried for the murder of her husband after she shot and kileld him on new Year’s Eve in 2014, less than a year after they got married.

McKernan had previously testified that on the night in question, she and her husband had been drinking, and that he became violent. She said she grabbed a gun to protect herself, but did not remember the actual shooting. An autopsy and x-rays showed that Rob McKernan was shot ten times.

McKernan called 911 at the time, saying that she shot her husband after he hit her and that she was performing CPR. When police arrived at the scene, they found Rob deceased, shot in the face and torso — they didn’t see any visual signs of Colleen being injured.

Since that fateful day, Colleen’s trials have both ended with hung juries. The judge declared a mistrial — as of October of 2020, Colleen was released from the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

The Evidence Room created a scene reconstruction for the night of the murder, which you will find below.

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Other professional proficiencies include:

Autopsy Visual Interpretation
Application of the Principles of Forensic Science
Graphic Design
Video Production
Application of the Principles of Police Policy and Procedures

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