What Goes in the Process of Making a Medical Animation?

Medical animations are nothing like what the average person could simply draw. These are high-tech videos that are created by choosing software to create the animation, storyboarding, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering the video, and lastly bringing everything together in a final composition during the video editing stage. 

These medical animations are useful for depicting complicated medical procedures. This makes them essential for both education as well as a legal trial. If you’re interested in how our expert team does what we do, keep reading to learn more!

The 7 Steps Involved in Creating Medical Animations

Step #1 Choosing the Software

The first step is to select the software you’re going to use. Most professionals use a combination of several options. Blender, Maya, Modo, and 3D Max are all great options.

Step #2 Pre-Production

Next, is pre-production. In this stage, the animation team and client are brought together to ensure everyone is on the same page. The scope and timeline of the project are established.

Step #3 Storyboarding

Now it is time for the animators to plan out their design. The design elements are planned out in order to meet the goals established in pre-production.

Step #4 3D Modeling

This is where flat 2D designs are turned into 3D shapes that represent their anatomical real-life counterparts. 3D modeling, sometimes called texturing, is a long, precise process.

Step #5 Lighting

Up until now, it has been dark. It’s time to give it light so it can easily be seen and understood. Lighting brings attention to portions of the animation where the creators want to draw focus.

Step #6 Rendering the Video

Now it’s time to render the video! This is the process of placing each of the scenes and pieces of animation into a series of sequential, individual frames in a 2D timeline. This also gives the objects in the video their final appearance. 

Step #7 Compositing the Video

Post-production has finally begun! Now, the individual frames as well as the 2D layers are meshed into one cohesive final product. This tweaking can be minimal, or take additional hours to complete.

Professional Medical Animations Done by Evidence Room

Whether it’s for a court case or a classroom, expertly-done medical animations have numerous benefits. Explaining an injury, disease, the function of the body, or the effectiveness of treatment has never been easier! 

Reach out to our team to learn more about what we can do for you. A medical animation makes it possible to show an audience exactly what is happening inside of the human body like never before. How could you put this technology to use? The possibilities are endless!

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