Forensic & Legal Animations

Scene reconstruction and 3D animations are fundamental pieces to be used in legal presentations, especially in personal injury, criminal defense, and civil rights cases, where determining a verdict can be a very difficult task and where demonstrative evidence can become a powerful persuasion tool. Allowing the jury to SEE the evidence as it relates to the causation of the events.

Lawyers nowadays are finding demonstrative evidence is an essential part of their presentation because of the value and impact that animation can give to support the facts.

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Medical Animations

Whether it’s for a court case or a classroom, expertly-done medical animation has numerous benefits. Typically rendered using 3D computer graphics, a medical animation makes it possible to show an audience exactly what is happening inside of the human body like never before.

Trial Consulting

The Evidence Room, LLC has partnered with world class expert Miss Sandy Hu, a body language and jury selection expert to offer professional trial consulting services in the United States. As a complete trial support company,

Police Officer Involved Shootin

Shootings involving police officers have been receiving a lot of national attention lately, creating public outcry. For this reason, more officers of the law than ever before are being charged with crimes and brought to trial. When a police officer is forced to defend him or herself against a serious charge like murder, getting to the truth of the situation matters a great deal.

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Nationwide Provider of Forensic Animations and Exhibits

Core specialties: crime scene reconstruction and shooting scenes, medical negligence, mechanism of injury and liability causation demonstrations. We employ a team of experts with extensive case experience to bring your case to life with accuracy and speed.

Court tested, Jury Approved.

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Sneak Peek: The Evidence Room
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Since 2001, The Evidence Room has built a reputation as reliable, innovative, and efficient professionals in the field of forensic animation expert and legal demonstratives. Let us VISUALIZE your case, and you will SEE the results.

Our team has and will travel anywhere in the world to collect, document, and understand the evidence of our cases. It is important to experience the scene, and to visualize the series of events. With cases from New York to Africa, we have the experience you need.
Whether your witness is a Surgeon, Scientist, Engineer, Victim, the accused, or a lay person, our team will understand their opinion or testimony and produce a visualization for the jury.
A series of illustrations laid out in sequential order highlighting the critical data of the case is used to ensure accuracy.

This process allows our team the opportunity to outline the critical evidentiary issues prior to construction.

The Evidence Room guarantees the use of the latest high-quality and reliable industry standard software available.

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The Evidence Room does a great job with exhibits and evidence support, such as animation, reconstruction, and other tools to assist in the presentation of evidence.

Christian Patno of McCarthy Lebit Crystal & Liffman

The Evidence Room’s computer graphic animation was a key ingredient to our trial strategy and settlement outcome.


Marcus Sidoti of Jordan & Sidoti

I’ve worked with them all, just about, at one time or another. But after working with Scott and his folks I’ll never look anywhere else again.

Peter T. Limperis

Scott is as talented as they come. I have had the pleasure of working with him on a number of significant projects where the goal was to tell a story visually that touches people. There is no one better. And he’s a cool guy on top of that.

Riley Allen


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