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Michael Sherlock

Michael “Biker” Sherlock was an American Professional downhill skateboarder and street luger. He was one of the most successful participants in those sports and helped pioneer it to be on a mainstream stage.

Case Details 

On Dec 3rd , 2015 Michael Sherlock was discovered at the waterfront of the Terminal Lines Surfing Park in La Jolla, California at 6:34am by a local surfer.

Mr. Sherlock was last seen alive the night before between 8:00pm – 9:00pm by his Wife Amy Sherlock. Mr. Sherlock had no injuries when departed from his home at this time. 

As part of our investigation, we reviewed extensive documentation including crime scene photographs and medical evidence including a full analysis of the physical and forensic evidence. 

It was determined by the San Diego Homicide Division that Mr. Sherlock’s death was a suicide without any extensive analysis.


Blunt Force Impact 

Right Forehead. Symmetrical shape of a right angle. Clearly consistent in shape and wound death with the base of the magazine that was found near his body. This strongly indicates a “pistol whipping” injury. 

This could have concussed Mr. Sherlock where he certainly could have been overtaken.

Fractures to Upper Teeth 

Teeth injuries and lower lip fit the diameter of the gun being placed in his mouth horizontally. 

Bullet Path

Wound that was directly in the back of the throat which is inconsistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The side of the head would have been more consistent with a suicide with the dominant hand (in this case, Michael’s righthand). The gun was found on the lefthand side. 

Abrasion on Leg 

Contusion / Abraisian on Michael’s lower leg which is consistent with being tripped or kicked. This in addition with the dirt on the front of his clothing indicates a struggle of some kind. 

San Diego Homicide Division Shortcomings

No shell casings were found at the scene of the crime. He was not close enough to the water to have the tide be an impact. He was found dry as well as was the surrounding area. A shell casing should have been easily found. They either didn’t look for it or it was possibly picked up by those who took Michael Sherlock’s life.

There was blood found on the left side of the gun and not on the right side of the gun which is consistent with the gun being placed in his mouth horizontally.

There is blood on the base of the magazine, which is consistent with the area impacted on his right front forehead. Scratch marks on Michael’s hands indicates there was some struggle involved before his death. 

There was blood found to the right of where he was discovered indicating there was in fact a struggle before he was shot and killed. 

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