48 Hours episode “Death after midnight”

What happened to Ashley Fallis?

From CBS News — ‘The first 48 hours after a death are crucial to an investigation. Every death has to be treated as a homicide or important evidence can be lost. Witnesses need to be interviewed before memories fade or stories change. Physical evidence has to be collected before it can be contaminated. That rule wasn’t followed in Evans, Colorado, more than four years ago, and as a result, even after a trial, questions remain about what happened in a suburban home in the early hours of New Year’s Day, 2012.

How and why did 28-year-old Ashley Fallis, the mother of three young children, die?’

The Evidence Room was trusted with investigating, below is a gallery of the reconstruction as well as 48 Hours’ involvement with the case.

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Ashley Fallis Case – Photo Gallery

3D Animations

48 Hours Participation

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Application of the Principles of Forensic Science
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