How is a Medical Animation Created?

When you hear the word “medical animation,” your brain may immediately think of a cartoon of some sorts. This is a common mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. A medical animation is not a silly cartoon. They are very serious and scientific. They are used for incredibly important purposes, like in criminal and personal injury trials. They are regularly used to demonstrate the cause of injury or death, to show standard of care violations and surgical mistakes, to explain conscious pain and suffering or other permanent deficits, and even to display the effectiveness of a medication or new procedure. We encourage you to watch this sample video to get a good idea of what a real medical animation looks like.

It is a short video that has been rendered using 3D computer graphics for educational purposes on a topic related to medicine, most often physiology or surgery, but it could be any number of medically related topics. In fact, here at Evidence Room we often use medical animations in cases involving police officer shootings.

Medical animations are useful for depicting complicated medical procedures. These are not the kind of animations where someone sits down and draws. Medical animations are created by choosing software to create the animation, including the storyboarding, 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting. This software renders the video and then brings everything together in a final composition. There is also video editing involved. 

While this may sound a bit complex, and they certainly are, the final product is worth the hours of painstaking work that goes into them. They go a long way toward proving one side of the argument, legitimizing a personal injury, and even teaching medical students how to operate. The healthcare industry in the United States has been growing a great deal, and medical animation has become central to this. As we need more and more doctors, we need to educate these individuals and that is where expertly-done medical animations come into play.

Depending on the audience, medical animation may serve a variety of purposes. At its core, all medical animation seeks to educate the audience. Whether it’s for a court case or a classroom, expertly-done medical animation has numerous benefits. If you are interested in having one made for you, you are already in the right place. Our expert team at Evidence Room has made numerous medical animations for a variety of situations. We’d love to hear what you have in mind or what situation you think a medical animation can help you solve. Our talented team of specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in the creation of custom medical animations and forensic animations. With the amazing team at Evidence Room overseeing your animation, you are in good hands.

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