Expertly-Made Medical Illustrations

If you have an upcoming court case or presentation where you need to highlight an injury you or someone you’re representing sustained, showing the damage in detail is paramount. Medical illustrations, done with advanced medical animations, can highlight the severity of a fraction or laceration. They can also explain the complexities of a surgical procedure in an easy-to-understand format for non-medical professionals. At Evidence Room, our medical illustration experts have the ability to accurately depict any given harm to the body, surgery, or medical process. We can create these illustrations directly from depositions, reports, diagnostic films, or expert opinions. If you already have an X-Ray, we can colorize it for you as well.

Medical illustrations are often used for the following:

  • Criminal Defense or Prosecution – to demonstrate the cause of injury or death.
  • Medical Negligence – to show the standard of care violations and surgical mistakes.
  • Personal Injury – to explain conscious pain and suffering or other permanent deficits.
  • Scientific Studies – To display the effectiveness of a medication or new procedure.
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Evidence Room has the ability to meet your medical animation needs, providing you and your client with scientifically accurate medical illustrations at prices that won’t go over budget. For questions about any medical illustrations or pricing, call us today for your free consultation at (216) 502-0400. You can also submit an inquiry through our simple online form.

Medical illustrations can help you win your case, so don’t delay in reaching out to us.


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