Professional Trial Consulting & Jury Selection

The Evidence Room, LLC has partnered with world class expert Miss Sandy Hu, a body language and jury selection expert to offer professional trial consulting services in the United States. As a complete trial support company, The Evidence Room goes beyond demonstrative evidence and forensic animations to provide our clients a full spectrum of trial consulting and jury selection services. We are happy to be able to provide you with the support required to make the most out of your trial and excel at all of its stages.

Our Trial Consulting Services

Trial consulting involves different areas that need to be addressed carefully, as everything plays a very important and influential role during trial. With our consulting services, The Evidence Room, LLC will provide guidance and support on the following stages:


  • Jury selection consultation
  • Witness coaching
  • Witness evaluation
  • Mock Trials
  • Focus groups
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Meet Our Body Language Expert

The Evidence Room is composed by a team of professionals that you can rely on. As of our trial consulting and jury selection services, Sandirella (Sandy) Hu is the expert in charge. She’s a well prepared and highly experienced body language expert, and has assisted more than 107 jury selections and 22 criminal cases.

Miss Hu is also an accomplished pilot and World Series of Poker trainer of Champions.


  • Master of Social Psychology
  • Member of the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC)
  • Micro Facial Expression Certified with Dr. Paul Ekman


Expertise: Social Psychology & Non-Verbal Language

Skills: Legal Service (Interview/Interrogation Consultation, Jury Selection, Professional Trial Observation & Witness Preparation) & Professional Poker Player Consulting.

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