Michael ‘Biker’ Sherlock was not only a successful, award-winning professional in the downhill skaing and street luging communities, he was also a husband, a father. He was adored by his community and family, his death a shock to everyone around him.

photo shows biker sherlock and his family on the beach.

While his death was originally ruled a suicide due to depression through a brain injury, chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE, but his widow has doubts — after the legal wrangling and deception, Amy Sherlock contacted us, the Evidence Room, to figure out what really happened that night.

Scott Roder, our forensic crime investigator, believes with 100% certainty that Biker Sherlock’s death was not caused by his own hand. Here are a few reasons why —

Forensic Video Findings:

(To view the video, click hereWARNING: the video contains actual autopsy photographs and disturbing images related to the death of Biker Sherlock)

1. Gunshot Wound Trajectory

Analysis of the gunshot wound trajectory, as well as the type of bullet used, suggests inconsistencies with a self-inflicted wound. The trajectory is all wrong — evidence indicates an angle that Biker would not have been able to achieve.

2. Gun Position After The Fact

The position of the firearm found at the scene tells all — not only was the gun on the left side of his body (he wasn’t left handed) it was also placed in a way that would be inconsistent with it falling to his side after death. It was neatly placed — almost like someone set it there.

3. Blood Pattern Analysis — Examinations of the blood patterns found at the scene suggest injuries from an assault rather than a suicide. There were also other signs of assault evident on Biker himself.

4. Signs of Physical Assault on Biker

Sherlock’s physical condition and injuries indicate a struggle — he had cuts all over his hands and a rectangle shaped contusion on his forehead, the same shape as the magazine of a gun. It’s pretty evident that Sherlock was pistol-whipped at some point during the attack.

5. San Diego Police Investigation

The investigation done by the SDPD is lacking. The police did not test Sherlock’s hand for gun powder residue, they couldn’t locate the spent bullet casing — where could it have gone? Some argue that the water could have washed it away with the tide, but Biker was far enough back against a rock wall that was completely dry when his body was found.

This isn’t all — there’s evidence of deception and manipulation throughout the entire investigation. Not only are there forged signatures, a refusal on SDPD’s part to reopen the investigation, but Amy, Biker’s widow, has faced legal challenges left and right while trying to uncover the truth about what happened to her late husband.

If you’d like to dive in more, check out our PDF report here. Inside you’ll find detailed information regarding Biker’s history, evidence found at the scene, witness statements, as well as the state of Biker’s body when he was found.

Roder’s report may uncover what really happened to Sherlock that evening and could help bring whoever is responsible for his death to justice. Roder also created a report that helped to free Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, which you can read about here.

What do you think happened to Biker Sherlock? Could there really be another party responsible?

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