Last week we delved into the tragic death of Michael ‘Biker’ Sherlock — the famous street luger & family man who was found deceased on a public beach with an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Michael’s widow, Amy, had her doubts. She reached out to the Evidence Room’s expert team to dig into the case and figure out what really occurred that evening.

For this post, we’ll be sharing other sources that have covered the case, all of which have been in contact with the Evidence Room. Scott Roder, Evidence Room’s forensic crime scene investigator said with 100% certainty that Biker’s death was a homicide. There’s even an active petition stating that Michael Sherlock deserves justice — if you’d like to add your name, you can find it here.

If you’d like to read about the case itself, check out our posts covering Biker here, and here.

Finished reading? Still not convinced of the SD PD’s findings? Check out the independent death investigation done by the Evidence Room. WARNING: the video contains actual autopsy photographs and disturbing images related to the death of Biker Sherlock.

So many questions were left unanswered — Michael’s death was decided to be caused by suicide, but why does the evidence left behind at the scene say otherwise? Why were Biker’s hands never tested for gunshot residue? Why was there no shell casing found by his body? Could police really have ignored all of the clues in plain sight? Scott Roder took these questions and dove into the case with Darcey Smith and Brian Drake of the Youtube channel Truth & Transparency.

One must not forget in all of the case evidence that Michael Sherlock was a person with a past, a present, and a future. Biker’s home life and past with Amy is covered extensively by this article from ESPN.

For more information on the Biker Sherlock case and other cases covered by the Evidence Room, visit our blog.


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