Oscar is in a pitch-black house.

Reeva is in the bathroom hiding. Oscar was shouting out about an intruder. A tragic event was in waiting.

There had been some workers doing repairs to the exterior of the home that week. Several tall ladders were outside the window of the bathroom. Oscar knew this. He put two and two together and assumed that someone had scaled the wall and entered the bathroom window with the use of the ladders.

Oscar quickly grabbed his pistol from under the bed and made it down the hallway, about a 20 feet corridor to the corner of the bathroom. Oscar started yelling “Get out-get out of my house. Reeva call the police. Get out!!!”

At that moment Reeva, who was in the bathroom behind a closed door, must have been as confused as Oscar. She moved the magazine rack on the floor, either as a barricade for the door or to make room for her to take cover, behind the toilet bowl. It made a scratching sound along the floor. Oscar on the outside must have perceived that this was the intruder making a move. He fired 4 shots into the door in quick succession. Bang Bang Bang Bang.

The shots were all in a similar area, about the handle of the door and at an angle of about 5-6 degrees off zero (or level). Tragically, Reeva was struck through the door, in the head and arm. If only she had been standing in the corner of the door. If only she had communicated that it was her in the bathroom. If only.

For more on Oscar’s account of what occurred that night, stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Scott Roder’s upcoming book, ‘A Leg to Stand On.’

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