What are the Types of Demonstrative Evidence?

When you’re looking for a powerful persuasion tool, you’re looking for demonstrative evidence. Demonstrative evidence is a category of evidence that demonstrates the testimony given by a witness or proven by real evidence found at the crime scene. Trial demonstratives are an essential part of an attorney’s presentation. This type of visual evidence is fully admissible in court and provides value and impact to support the facts being explained. They serve as support for proving or disproving key details of a criminal case.

That being said, there’s not just one kind of demonstrative evidence. In fact, there are many different types of demonstrative evidence, all of which are important and unique. From digital evidence to physical evidence, all types of demonstrative evidence serve their purpose.

Types of Demonstrative Evidence

When someone gives their official testimony, it can be powerful only to a certain degree. This is because it’s much harder for people in the jury to fully understand and remember what is being told. Legal teams have a much more effective argument if they show the audience, not just tell. Demonstrative exhibits of evidence do this! A great example of this comes from Cornell Law School. In this example, papers that are known to be in the handwriting of a certain person are admitted as evidence. This allows the jury to compare them with other papers that are in dispute.

This is done to determine whether the latter is in the handwriting of the same person. You could tell them the letter is theirs, or you should prove it by showing them.

What if there is no “hard” evidence like the example mentioned above? As hinted at above, there are many types of demonstrative evidence. Just a few examples of demonstrative evidence include:

  • Photos
  • X-rays
  • Videotapes
  • Movies
  • Sound recordings
  • Text messages
  • Diagrams
  • Forensic animation
  • Maps
  • Drawings
  • Graphs
  • Simulations
  • Models

Professional Trial Demonstrative Evidence from The Evidence Room

In a case where determining a verdict can be a very difficult task, demonstrative exhibits can become a powerful persuasion tool. For these type of cases you want the best team on your side. At the Evidence Room, we use all forms of evidence and put the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle. When we create trial demonstratives to present at court, you can know you are prepared as possible to win your case and for the jury to understand your arguments.

Our team has worked along with the best lawyers in America and collaborated on several hundreds of trials, in every practice area. We have close to 20 years of experience in the forensic animation industry. Over the years, our work has been featured on CBS News, CBS Crimesider, 48 Hours, and many others. 

Lawyers who are looking for techniques to enhance their legal strategy and justice through litigation rely on the most persuasive evidence possible. A favorable outcome at trial depends on showing the jury the evidence, not just telling them. This is why demonstrative evidence is a vital piece of the puzzle. When you want the best for your legal argument, you’re looking for the team at The Evidence Room.


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