Scott Roder: World-Renowned Evidence Specialist

People love true crime stories. This is evidenced by how popular television shows, movies, documentaries, mini series, and even podcasts focusing on this topic have become in the past few years. Our very own Scott Roder is often featured on these shows, because he has worked on over a thousand investigations!

About Scott Roder

Scott Roder is an internationally recognized evidence specialist who happens to also be our Executive Head and Evidence Specialist. He has consulted over 1500 cases since 2001, because he has professional training in crime and shooting scene reconstruction. This makes him a qualified expert witness. We’re not the only ones who are so proud of Scott. He was recently featured in a Spectrum News 1 story because the city of Cleveland is so fascinated with him as well!

We encourage you to read the Spectrum News 1 story to learn more about him. He was first hired as a consultant for the Cleveland Police Department. At the time, he was working at a consulting agency, working with lawyers on how to demonstrate the evidence. He knew he was a visual communicator and as the technology became available, he had opportunities to show how he could use that technology to demonstrate ideas and evidence to a jury. Soon after this, Scott Roder launched The Evidence Room. The Evidence Room employs a team of specialists with backgrounds in art, 3D modeling, forensic animation, motion graphics, time based media, biomedical illustration, architectural design, law and crime, and shooting scene reconstruction. Today, decades later, Scott Roder and The Evidence Room are still doing forensic reconstruction and creating a visual representation of what evidence shows happened at a crime scene.

The Evidence Room

Every day, Scott Roder is called multiple times by people who need his services. When a case comes in, he and his team get to work! Scott Roder is joined on the team by an art director, forensic animator, biomedical artist, and more. The team first spends a significant amount of time gathering evidence and evaluating crime scene photos before creating a storyboard, mapping out what he believes the evidence shows. The team then recreates the crime digitally.

“As long as I stay in that lane and give the jury the benefit to me being there, explaining what happened so that they can figure it out for themselves. At the end of the day, that’s what my job is,” Scott Roder said. 

He now has an astonishing 33 years of team experience and the creation of forensic computer animation. Because he has an unending inventory of cases that he can talk about, Scott Roder is peeling back the curtain on the details of what he does on a podcast of his own! Of course, he is doing the podcast while continuing to take on cases locally in greater Cleveland and all across the world. 

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