Strategic Case Consulting: How is it Done?

Your upcoming court date is too important to leave to chance, both for your career and your client’s future. Whether it is a lawsuit, criminal trial, personal injury case, wrongful death suit, or anything else, you need to do your best to ensure you prove your side of the argument. This can’t be done by just hoping and praying. What you’re looking for is strategic case consulting services.

By definition, strategy consultants “assist their clients by stepping into complex situations and developing cogent, coherent plans of action that help them meet their defined goals.” This is a little difficult to understand, though. In layman’s terms, strategy case consultants help you prepare and practice for court. We can consult with you early in the case, pre-discovery, after discovery has concluded, right before the trial begins, during trial, or at any other point in your preparation where you’d like to have the upper hand over your opponent.

Trial consulting involves different areas that need to be addressed carefully, as everything plays a very important and influential role during trial. With our consulting services, The Evidence Room will provide guidance and support on the following stages:

  • Jury selection consultation
  • Witness coaching
  • Witness evaluation
  • Mock Trials
  • Focus groups

As a complete trial support company, our services go beyond demonstrative evidence and forensic animations to provide our clients a full spectrum of trial consulting and jury selection services. We are happy to be able to provide you with the support required to make the most out of your trial and excel at all of its stages. We can say this with confidence because we have Sandy Hu, a body language and jury selection expert, at your disposal. You’ll get fresh sets of experienced eyes for your case, and not just any eyes- the eyes of a true expert!

It’s important for lawyers to be flexible in their approach as they develop their case and move towards the date of their trial. You don’t want to simply hope the case you prepared sways the judge and jury to your side. Our goal is to maximize your ability to present your case at trial by developing a more refined trial strategy.

Our team of experts will work with your law firm or legal team to find solutions for the challenges you’re facing with a particular case. If you have a challenge you’d like to discuss with our strategic case consulting team, the best time to start is now. While we can be brought in at any time during your case, the best chance for success is if we are tapped in early. This way, you don’t find yourself running full speed ahead in the wrong direction! The work we do for you might involve fine-tuning certain aspects of the litigation or trial. In some instances, a complete overhaul of aspects of the case that require substantial revision may be needed. Whatever needs to be done, we will identify it and help you do so!

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