What is Forensic Animation?

Forensics is a pretty complicated field. Forensics are incredibly important to figuring out exactly what happened when a crime took place, but it’s also tough to explain to a judge and jury of non-medical experts. This is a problem for many legal teams, but it’s a problem that can be solved thanks to forensic animation.

What is Forensic Animation?

As a quick definition, forensic animation is used to assist investigators in visually explaining complex ideas. This is undeniably beneficial in conveying expert opinions in a format that jurors can easily and quickly comprehend. 

Don’t see the word “animation” and assume it is a silly or cheesy-looking cartoon. Nothing could be further from the truth! For example, rather than simply viewing a map of the site of an automobile accident and the pictures of the resulting damage, jurors can watch a re-creation of the accident as described by witnesses, experts and other testimony. Professional forensic animators recreate crime scenes or accidents to help investigators produce evidence and solve crimes. In addition to a background in animation, many forensic animators have a science, legal, or criminal justice background.

You want to convince the jury of exactly what happened, and forensic animation is the way to do it. You see, this isn’t guess work. Forensic animators must first collaborate with eye witnesses, police officers, forensic experts or scientists, and others to create a series of fixed video images to use for creating an animated rendition of any given event. The forensic animators then use a number of software programs to create the events, providing what happened, when, and who did what. It’s easy to see how forensic animations are revolutionizing the way information is being presented in modern litigation. It’s the next best thing to having surveillance footage of the entire event!

Professional Forensic Animation from The Evidence Room

Forensic animations, especially crime scene reconstruction, are a fundamental piece of a well-planned-out legal presentation. They are especially helpful in personal injury, criminal defense, and civil rights cases. In a case where determining a verdict can be a very difficult task and where demonstrative evidence can become a powerful persuasion tool, you want the team at The Evidence Room on your side. 

Our team has worked along with the best lawyers in America and collaborated on several hundreds of trials, in every practice area. We have close to 20 years of experience in the forensic animation industry. Over the years, our work has been featured on CBS News, CBS Crimesider, 48 Hours, and many others. 

Lawyers who are looking for techniques to enhance their legal strategy and justice through litigation rely on the most persuasive evidence possible. A favorable outcome at trial depends on showing the jury the evidence, not just telling them. This is why forensic animation is a vital piece of the puzzle. When you want the best (and you do!) you’re looking for the team at The Evidence Room.


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