What is the Importance of Shooting Scene Reconstruction?

Our society has a problem with guns in our everyday lives. In an instant, everything is different. When someone is shot, it’s tragic for everyone involved. It is paramount to the safety of our society and to the healing process of the victims and victims’ families that the shooter is brought to justice. This entails presenting the case to a jury and hoping that they will pass the correct verdict.

That being said, top legal minds know that you can and should do more than just “hope.” One of the biggest challenges when presenting a shooting case at trial is that the jury is neither medical nor legal experts. If you’re able to show them an animation they understand, it makes your argument much easier to process. This is done via evidence reconstruction.

In this type of legal matter, the shooting scene reconstruction is done with expertly-done 3D animations. They are used to demonstrate the cause of injury or death. Often, we see them used in a murder cases, police officer involved shooting, or other crimes involving guns. It isn’t enough to tell the jury what happened. It’s not even enough to show them crime scene photos. This type of animation is the best way for laypeople to truly understand the gravity of the situation and how a human body was damaged.

How are They Created?

This isn’t guesswork or hunches. Animations made as evidence reconstruction are based on facts. Here at Evidence Room, we have a team of professionals that work together in order to produce useful material to be used at trial. Crime scenes involving shootings are notoriously hard to recreate. To produce our crime scene reconstructions, we incorporate many elements. These include:

  • Trajectory analysis
  • Ballistics
  • Blood evidence
  • Surveillance camera videos
  • Police in-car video
  • Police & dispatch communications
  • Police In-car GPS data
  • Police reports
  • CSI reports

As you can see, a lot of evidence goes into these animations. It would be a mistake to brush these off as cartoons or simple hearsay. Our animations are true evidence and can be presented in court as such. They are significantly more effective at convincing a jury what happened than telling them and even more so than showing crime scene photographs as well.

If you need legal support for a shooting incident or crime scene reconstruction, the team to call is at the Evidence Room. Our team of professional animators have years of verified experience in forensic animations and trial exhibits. Our work has been aired on famous TV shows, like CBS 48 hours. Contact us now and we’ll do our best to help you tell your jury exactly what transpired on the day or night of the shooting. It will no longer be a question as to what happened when the gun went off!

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