Our Methodology

-Engage Client on Retainer Agreement: the Evidence Room understands and appreciates the scope of the project from the onset and terms of payment are important to have realistic expectations and turnaround time to meet budgets and deadlines.

-Fees: the Evidence Room will request a deposit, which will be applied to your case at a rate of $300.00 per hour. After the review of all documentation has been reviewed, a final estimated cost will be provided.

-Travel: It may be required to conduct a scene visit or otherwise capture additional information needed depending on the nature of the case. Our availability and rates will be directly contingent upon the time allowed for preparation of said scene visit. The Evidence Room will request expenses pertaining to airfare, lodging and food to be reimbursed.

-Document Review: the Evidence Room will request and review all documents, photographs, reports, witness statements and any other evidence provided for the purpose of formulating and demonstrating an accurate proposal and animation.

-Storyboarding: After review of all items of evidence provided listed in the above description of the “document review” section, the Evidence Room will create pencil sketches and story boards needed for the plan of action. This will give a more precise estimate of what will need to measured, modeled and/or animated for play back to the jury. At this point it will become clear of what the total estimated cost will be and the total scope of work for completion.

-Modeling and Evidence Placement: depending on the nature of the case, a 3D computerized model will be constructed using the Evidence Room’s software and technical capabilities. We will base all modeling of evidence upon people, places and things relevant to the case (also known as “road mapping of evidence”). Human figures will be scaled to size, and determination of either life-like or computerized mannequins can be decided upon according to case needs. Once this is completed based on verification, data analysis, or other confirmation, the next phase of the project process will commence.

-Texturing: The process of adding realistic colors, lighting, ambiance and other environmental factors needed for the purpose of achieving admissibility into court.

-Animating: The final phase involves animating the case to reasonably reflect the evidence. Several drafts may need to be executed for review by witnesses and/or experts. This is determined on a case by case basis.

-Expert Reports and Testimony: We draft the necessary reports to satisfy the courts and make ourselves available for deposition and in court testimony. The rates for these expert services are at $475 per hour.

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