Importance of Biomechanical Animations

If you’re looking to be successful in your upcoming trial (and you certainly are!) then you want to take the time to look into biomechanical animations. This isn’t just cartoons! As experts in the industry, we are here to tell you about this exciting option as well as why it’s so important to consider.

What are Biomechanical Animations?

Biomechanical animation is able to accurately capture the human body’s response to kinematics, motion, and force for accident reconstruction animation. Biomechanical animations are perfect for covering accident reconstructions and the possible impact forces and motions on a human body or other external elements.

Biomechanical animation is a powerful visual format. It is not enough to simply say your client was hurt in a car accident. You cannot bog down your argument with legal or medical jargon that your audience won’t understand. They will grow confused and bored, which will only make it harder to convince them of your side of the argument.

It is very important that before developing an animation, a biomechanical expert will analyse the whole scenario to calculate all of the influential forces and their impact on the actors. This will allow the animators to deliver a reliable exhibit with high chances of causing a positive impact in court. That is precisely who we have on our team here. The Evidence Room uses advanced analysis techniques and the latest animation technologies to generate the most effective and accurate displays.

The Importance of Biomechanical Animations

Why are these animations so important? Because they help you win your case! Biomechanical animations are proven to be a major support for successfully proving a case at trial. Biomechanical animations go even further than simply telling your audience what happened. These animations visually demonstrate accident reconstruction with its true physical impact. Some of the reasons why we recommend you to support your case with biomechanical simulations are:

#1 They augment the reconstruction.

#2 They assist in the understanding of human factors and the resulting injuries.

#3 They demonstrate the physical impact on bodies and/or elements.

#4 Expert collaboration bolsters the theory and causation.

If you are using biomechanical animations, you are not simply telling the judge and jury your side of the argument. You are showing them! Time and time again, it has been proven that this is a much more successful way to argue your case.

Expert Biomechanical Animations Done by Evidence Room

These expert calculations cannot be left to just anyone. Your judge and jury need to know they can be trusted as absolute fact, which means bringing in a team of experts and nothing less. If you’re interested in requesting our services or learning more about what we do and how it can help you, we want to hear from you!

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