What are 3 Evidence Reconstruction Classifications?

Reconstructing a crime or accident scene isn’t simple guess work. There’s a science behind it! We’ve been working in this industry for many years, which is why we are the go-to experts to explain this sort of thing. It is important to keep in mind that many crime scene reconstructions involve a variety of physical evidence and will require individuals from several different disciplines to effect the entire reconstruction. With this in mind, let’s break down the three classifications.

Evidence Reconstruction Classifications

There are three different types of reconstruction. This is the type of thing our evidence experts work with every day. They are:

#1 The first type is Specific Incident Reconstruction. Examples of this type of reconstruction includes traffic accidents, homicides, bombings, and other “one events” that need to be recreated. Specific incident reconstruction involves the re-enactment of the entire event. These are most commonly employed during the investigation of a traffic accident or bombings. The experienced forensic animators from The Evidence Room are able to simulate substantially similar conditions like weather, lighting, impact, force and speed. This is incredibly helpful for this type of reconstruction. 

#2 The second type of reconstruction is Specific Event Reconstruction. This involves the sequence, direction, condition, relation, and identity. It focuses specifically on a precise event. At The Evidence Room, we have worked along with the best lawyers in America and collaborated on several hundreds of trials in every practice area. We have two decades of experience in the forensic animation industry and our work has been featured on CBS News, CBS Crimesider, 48 Hours, and many others. Many of our cases involve this first type of classification. We can create a POV or Point of View to allow the jury to see the accident from a position where is most advantageous to determine the fault of a party.

#3 Lastly, the third type of Reconstruction is Specific Physical Evidence Reconstruction. This focused on the piece of evidence itself and not the surrounding event. Specific physical evidence reconstruction relates to the reconstruction of the likes of blood spatter or firearm use. Common examples of this type of reconstruction include items like firearms, blood, glass, and any other objects that can be stripped for DNA analysis

Choose The Evidence Room for Your Evidence Reconstruction Needs

The Evidence Room is here for you and all of your reconstruction needs! In all three of the classifications listed above, the reconstruction is made more reliable and easily understood by utilizing our graphics illustrators to generate an animated video re-creation of the events of the crime or another type of 3D animation. Forensic animations and demonstrative evidence are not about generating pretty animations and graphics! Computer forensic animations are revolutionizing the way information is being presented in modern litigation. Our work is done in order to better illustrate the sometimes complicated scenario to the judge and/or jury in courtroom proceedings.

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