The Benefits of Demonstrative Evidence

Proving your case to a jury, even for the most talented lawyers is often a difficult task. People tend to be more visually than verbally oriented, just as the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”, here at The Evidence Room our animations are worth a thousand pictures. We strive to demonstrate accurate forensic animated demonstrations of evidence that provides a great visual resource for the jury to rely upon.

[Scott Roder and the experts from The Evidence Room aired on CBS Crimesider News: Forensic animators seek clues in Colo. mom’s death]


When Can Demonstrative Evidence and Forensic Animations Be Effective At Trial & Investigations?

In both civil and criminal proceedings, demonstrating the physical inter-relationship between people, places and evidence, by bringing the total scene into perspective with a 3D model of the environment, can show the point of view of a particular individual, such as a witness, victim or accused.

  • Crime and Shooting Scenes.
  • Officer Involved Events.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents.
  • Workplace Injuries.
  • Catastrophic Injury Events.
  • General Liability Demonstrations.
  • Medical/Surgical Reconstructions.
  • Coroners Inquest.
  • Cold Case Investigation.
  • Personal injury.

See How We Collaborated In The Case Of Ashley Fallis’ Death



Ashley Fallis was 28 years old by New Year’s Day 2012 when she died of a gunshot wound. She was declared by the Evans Police Department to have committed suicide; however, her frustrated parents always believed her daughter was actually murdered by her husband Tom Fallis, which had presented violent reactions in the past and on the same night of Ashley’s death.

The case was reopened when new evidence was presented in November of 2014. Tom Fallis was indicted for second degree murder by A weld County grand jury, and arrested the very next day. Tom will be facing a Weld County Judge, but no date has been set for his trial yet.

[For more details you can read the full article published by CBS News “48 Hours” show here: The Death of Ashley Fallis on 48 Hours]


The Evidence Room was hired by “48 Hours” to give some clarity to what actually happened. First we measured multiple elements at the scene and took several pictures. Then we re-created the events based upon the evidence, witness statements and other expert opinions for both the suicide and the murder theories. The recreations are supported by 3D animations, and we were able to provide valuable evidence that will be used in trial to help determining the final verdict.

Check out the complete case gallery on how we worked to gather all the information and the animations that were created for the case.

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