3 Tips to Hire a Shooting Scene Expert

Your upcoming trial is important to everyone involved, including the defendant as well as the legal team. If there is any way to bolster your chance of walking away with a victory, you should do it. Why leave anything up to chance? Research tells us that people are not only more persuaded by but also more likely to remember arguments they see rather than only hear. This means presenting visual evidence at trial.

“But I don’t have a video of the shooting!” you may be saying. That is okay; you’re not totally out of luck. Professionally-done 3D animations are a great way to present to a juror a shooting and crime scene reconstruction. Experienced forensic animators are able to simulate the exact conditions of the shooting event, like weather, lighting, impact, force, and speed. It’s the next best thing to having a real video of the event! 

Of course, you’ve never hired anyone like this before. Where can you find the best person for the task? Here are a few tips to help:

#1 They have many years of experience. This case is too important to trust to a rookie. You can trust that Evidence Room’s professional forensic animations team are the best of the best, because we have more than 17 years of experience in the industry. Our team has worked along with the best lawyers in the country, collaborating on several hundreds of trials in every area of legal practice. In fact, our team is so well known for excellence, our work has been featured on CBS News, CBS Crimesider, and 48 Hours. 

#2 They are experts in interpreting the data. Shootings and crime scenes are very hard to correctly recreate. In order to produce crime scene reconstructions able to be used in a court of law, many different elements must be incorporated. These include:

Trajectory analysis


Police in-car video

Police and dispatch communications

Police in-car GPS data

Police reports

Blood evidence

CSI reports

Surveillance camera videos

#3 They have a portfolio to show you. Sure, anyone can tell you that they’ll do a good job… but how can they prove it? By showing you their past work! You want to see a portfolio of shooting scene animations and other 3D crime scene animations in order to make an informed decision. A reputable company who produces high-quality work will be happy to share these examples with you.

The team you can trust is at Evidence Room. We offer professionally produced shooting and crime scene reconstruction animations, illustrations and visual exhibits to be used at trial. Our team of animators and legal experts strives to provide top animation and reconstruction services to lawyers who are looking for techniques to enhance their legal strategy and justice through litigation. If you think our services can help prove your case, we want to help! 

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