Why Oscar Pistorius is not guilty of murder.

This much publicized criminal proceeding in South Africa has been the talk internationally over the last several years amongst crime scene experts like myself and the general viewing public. I’ve listen to many pundits opinions and other legal experts who have followed the case closely but still from afar.

The fact is when you look at this case like I did, from the inside you can come to only one conclusion. Oscar Pistorius is not guilty of the intentional murder of his girlfriend Reeva.

Oscar often referred to as ‘Ozzie’ was a famous celebrity and disabled athlete from Johannesburg, South Africa. He was a hometown hero who garnered international headlines with his athletic accomplishments. On all accounts he was the underdog who overcame a severe disability, abandoned by his parents at a young age and nonetheless he had amazing success.

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He was dating a beautiful woman, a model, Reeva whom which by all accounts everyone agreed they were very much in love. There was a little evidence of a domestic dispute nothing out of the ordinary “normal” standards.

On Valentines day 2013, a perfect storm of misperceptions, fear, celebrity and disability came together. A terrible tragedy of circumstances.

Oscar slept woke up in the middle the night to bring in two large fans that was set up on the edge of balcony windows for ventilation. Reeva was sleeping next to him.

In the 35 seconds or so it took Oscar to bring in the fans in this pitch black room with his back to the bed he covered the LED light display on his stereo. Light meters registered the room was in total darkness (Zero Illuminates) Reeva got up and went to the toilet.

The house had been under construction earlier that week and a large set of ladders was recorded to have been outside the bathroom windows on the first floor.

South Africa is a very dangerous place. Most residences have walls surrounding the property that are 10 feet tall with barbwire fences atop that are often electrified. My feeling is that these are not just to keep the lions out. Although you can certainly hear the lions roar throughout the night. Local gangs had been known to temporarily move into a gated complex renting a house only to rob the neighbors. The number one violent crime in South Africa is stabbing by machete.

In this perfectly dark room, Oscar hears the bathroom window open with a creek that is very loud. It didn’t even occur to him that it was Reva going to the bathroom. Oscar thought Reeva was still asleep in bed behind him when he heard this noise.

He grabbed his gun and he called out to Reeva “call the police!” Oscar walked up on the corner to the bathroom, yelling to Reeva to “Call the police…Someone is in the house”.

Reeva retreated into the interior toilet and closed the door. This made another sound and Oscar thought now that the intruder locked himself in the bathroom. Oscar was positioned to the corner of the bathroom and still on his stumps. He screamed to

Reeva to “call the police”. His voice was closer, louder in proximity to her now. It was a standoff with a Ghost. There was no intruder, it was a tragic mistake.

Reeva misinterpreted that Oscar was holding the intruder a Gunpoint in the bathroom whilst she was hiding in the toilet room. Oscar misinterpreted that Reeva was retreating to the toilet not an intruder.


Reeva must have then at this critical point attempted to hide even further behind the toilet sliding the metal magazine rack on marble floor making a very loud alarming screeching noise.

Oscar is at a heightened agitated state, on his stumps, vulnerable, in the middle of the night believing an intruder is in the bathroom and responded to this noise like a sympathetic reflex response and shot four times through the closed and locked door. Tragically it was Reeva he shot not an intruder.

After analyzing every element of evidence, visiting the crime scene, interviewing witnesses, conducting experiments, rebuilding each element of the scene and whilst comparing these items to the unprepared statement of Oscar….Leaves me with only one scientific conclusion. Each element of Oscars version of the events is consistent with the physical and forensic evidence.

By Scott G. Roder, Evidence Specialist Evidence Room, LLC www.evidence-room.net

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