3 Common Misconceptions About Forensic Animations

Forensic animations are a fundamental piece able to be used in legal presentations, especially for cases surrounding personal injury, criminal defense, and civil rights violations. Too often, determining a verdict in a case like these can be a difficult task. Demonstrative evidence can become a powerful persuasion tool because it allows the jury to see the evidence as it relates to the causation of the events, not just hear them.

Modern legal teams are finding demonstrative evidence is an essential part of their presentation because of the value and impact that an animation can give to support the facts. That being said, the industry is still fairly new and so a few myths and misconceptions still exist. We’d like to correct these right now!

Myth #1 “Animations are going to look fake”

Because we most often see animations in fiction, some people view forensic animations with a sense of disbelief. Forensic animation presented in court is not like watching the new Spiderman movie! The best distinction between simply every other kind of cartoon and a 3D animation used in a trial may be the “forensic” component. A skilled forensic animator has the understanding to make sure that geometry, science, physics, and the facts of the case are followed.

Myth 2 “Animations are hard to acknowledge in a judge of law”

Probably due to myth #1, some people worry the animation won’t be permitted in court. In fact, expertly-done animations are not only permitted in court but relied upon for some of the most important cases going to trial. It is not uncommon to see 3D animations used in cases involving medical malpractice, officer-related shootings, car accidents, and more.

Myth #3 “I don’t need any more evidence”

Why leave anything up to chance? Research tells us that people are not only more persuaded by but also more likely to remember arguments they see rather than only hear. Experienced forensic animators are able to simulate the exact conditions of the event, like weather, lighting, impact, force, and speed. Rather than simply viewing a map of the site of an automobile accident and the pictures of the resulting damage, a judge or jurors can watch a re-creation of the accident as described by witnesses, experts, and other testimony.

Computer forensic animations are revolutionizing the way information is being presented in modern litigation! The team you can trust is at Evidence Room. We have worked along with the best lawyers in the country, collaborating on several hundreds of trials in every area of legal practice. You can trust that our professional forensic animations are the best of the best, because we have more than 17 years of experience in the industry. Because our team is so well known for excellence, our work has been featured on CBS News, CBS Crimesider, and 48 Hours. 

Our team of animators and legal experts strives to provide top animation and reconstruction services to lawyers who are looking for techniques to enhance their legal strategy and justice through litigation. If you think our services can help prove your case, we want to help!

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