3 Ways Forensic Animation Can Win Your Case

It would be great if every court case had hard evidence to present in court, like photographs or video surveillance. Unfortunately, that just isn’t always available. When your case doesn’t have video, photographic, or other such evidence to rely upon to prove your side to the jury, you’re not totally out of luck though. You can instead rely upon forensic animation!

With the help of an expertly-done forensic animation, you are able to provide an enhanced view and understanding of the situation for the judge, jury, and any other audience. Presenting this meaningful and acceptable representation of the data can help you win your case! This is how forensic animation can help you:

#1 It allows your audience to visualize the incident. Telling your audience what happened doesn’t go nearly as far toward persuading them as showing them what happened. Forensic animation is the ideal medium to accurately portray factual data, collected through investigation, to reproduce a scene. It allows you to demonstrate what happened at various points in time. Your audience can experience more than just words when they see hidden features, microscopic details, and instant reactions. Animation allows you to recreate an event to establish a clear and visible timeline, even if there isn’t video evidence to do the heavy lifting for you.

#2 It simplifies complex arguments. Chances are good your audience isn’t filled with attorneys, doctors, police officers, and legal experts. This makes certain arguments difficult to land. Details and complexities, like time, perception, space, position, procedure, and course of action, need to be identified and shown clearly so that your audience can be properly guided. Forensic animation provides an additional level of clarity and understanding to the facts of your case. 

#3 People remember visual images longer. Whether you’re presenting to a judge or jury, you need your audience to remember your argument when it’s time to actually decide on the verdict. If you simply tell them what happened, they may forget by the time both sides have presented their arguments and they go to a back deliberation room. Forensic animation helps to ensure that your case details are retained for longer periods of time. There is data to back this up! Research tells us that retention is 100% more effective when oral and visual presentations are combined and 650 times better than just oral presentations, according to the Weiss-McGrath report. Clearly, this is something you want to take advantage of!

Don’t trust something this important to anyone other than Evidence Room. We have worked along with the best lawyers in America to collaborate on hundreds of trials. We have more than 17 years of experience in the forensic animation industry, which is why our work has been featured on CBS News, CBS Crimesider, 48 Hours, and others. 

We strive to provide top forensic animation services to legal teams looking for techniques to enhance their legal strategy and justice through litigation. We’re here to help you win your case!

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