3 Exhibits You Can’t Have Without Forensic Animation

Legal teams all across the country are tapping into animation services to supplement their verbal argument with a powerful exhibit that makes it simple to show the court exactly what happened during a crime, accident, or incident. This type of presentation is growing in popularity for one main reason- it works! Adding visual aid to your verbal argument is a no brainer.

While you may not need professional forensic animation for all cases, there are three exhibits that you absolutely can’t have without it. These include:

#1 You Need to Put the Audience in the Driver’s Seat- Literally!

Perspective plays a huge role in many cases. What could the driver see? What was blocked from his view or in his blind spot? When you give the judge and jury the ability to “be in the driver’s seat,” you are making a powerful argument. By letting them see your side of the argument, not just hear it, you are utilizing one of the most useful and powerful applications of 3D forensic animation. You can literally put the audience in the driver’s seat to show how an unfortunate accident was completely unavoidable, or vice versa if you’re the prosecutor or personal injury attorney for the victim.

#2 The Scene Has Changed Over Time

It’s not uncommon for criminal or personal injury cases to finally go to trial months after the original accident, or even longer if the state is building a serious case for a serious charge. Trees may have grown or been cut down, drastically changing what someone could have seen the day of the incident. Maybe a sidewalk has since been installed that wasn’t there on the day in question. It’s possible a previously safe area has now become unsafe. Professionally-done animation can recreate these scenes to make sure your audience has an accurate depiction of the area at the time the incident took place, not how it necessarily looks today.

#3 Hypothetical Situations

In a case like this, you’re not showing what actually did happen but what could have happened if the defendant, like a driver, doctor, police officer, or company, had done the right thing. What would have happened had the person at fault for a passenger’s death had been driving the speed limit instead of going 20 mph too fast? What would have happened if the grocery store put a handrail on the ramp? You can show the judge and jury exactly what would have happened, proving the resulting injuries are the direct fault of the person you are blaming.

Don’t worry if you look at this list and realize you recognize something on it. Your need for professional forensic animation can be met by the trained and experienced team at Evidence Room! Forensic animation has the unique ability to bring clarity and understanding that is unlike any other type of evidence and we’re happy to do this for your upcoming case.

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