Car Accident Reconstruction

Recreating a 3D animation of a car accident or collision is the best way to explain to your juror what exactly happened. Car accidents are a very difficult event to explain, due to the number of factors that may play a role in them. Such as witnesses with varying testimony as to liability and the injuries related to the impact.

At Evidence Room, LLC, we produce professional high-quality graphics and 3D animations that will consider all details to accurately replicate any car accident or motor vehicle collision.


About Our Work

When you hire The Evidence Room, you get the support of a team of experienced experts in different areas. This allows us to effectively deliver a visual exhibit that won’t lack important details that may affect the verdict.

Whether the accident involves speed variations, specific weather conditions, or complex maneuvers; your jury will be able to visualize a complete recreation of the scene.

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Evidence Room is a leading company in forensic animation and trial exhibits. Our work has been aired on TV shows like CBS 48 Hours, and we’ve contributed to thousands of cases with our animation services. If you need a car accident 3D reconstruction or other evidence material, don’t hesitate on contacting us! Use the contact form or call us at (216) 502-0400

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