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If you are in the legal field, you have no doubt heard all about Evidence Room’s reputation for top-of-the-line crime scene reconstructions and 3D animations. What you may not know is that as a complete trial support company, our services go beyond demonstrative evidence and forensic animations to provide our clients a full spectrum of trial consulting and jury selection services. Trial consulting involves different areas that need to be addressed carefully, as everything plays a very important and influential role during trial. We have many years of experience doing this, and have world-class expert Sandy Hu, a body language and jury selection expert, on our team to offer professional trial consulting services. Our team, headed by Miss Hu, has assisted more than 107 jury selections and 22 criminal cases.

Trial Consulting Services Include:
Focus Groups
Mock Trials
Strategic Case Consulting
Witness Coaching
Jury Selection Consultation
Witness Evaluation

You may be wondering how it all works and why you shouldn’t just go to trial with what you believe is a strong argument. Trial consultants use juror profiles developed from statistical analyses involving mock jurors in the same or similar cases, along with their experience observing the demographics, experiences, and attitudes that correlate with individual verdict outcome to make educated guesses about how jurors are likely to vote in the case. Ultimately, the goal is to remove jurors from the panel who are the most likely to reject your client’s version of events. This strategy will increase the odds of obtaining a trial jury that is receptive to your case narrative because the themes and arguments resonate with their life experiences and pre-existing beliefs coming into the trial. When you are looking for a favorable decision, this is the way to do it.

We have years of verified experience in trial consulting services. Our services are helpful for both the prosecutor or the defense, as both sides need to have a strategy to best present the truth. Contact us now by using our online form or call us at (216) 502-0400.

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