Professional Shooting Scene Reconstructions

What happens when someone is shot? More than likely, the shooter is charged with a crime and goes to trial, or at the very least the case goes before a Grand Jury to see whether charges will be brought down. Nearly always, these cases are far more complicated than “Did this person shot someone?” Further questions always remain, like whether they fired before or after they were attacked, whether they fired on purpose, whether their view was obstructed, how soon afterwards the police arrived, and much more. Of course, there are sometimes cases where it isn’t quite clear was the person in question was indeed the shooter. All of these questions are very serious and our justice system relies on the answers being accurate. This is why professional shooting scene reconstruction is so important.

Very rarely is a crime caught on camera, particularly shootings. This doesn’t mean it is impossible to know what happened with 100% accuracy. It means Evidence Room needs to be brought on to the case to construct a depiction of the events for the Grand Jury, Jury, and/or Judge. We have a team of professionals that work together in order to produce useful material to be used at your trial. Shootings and crime scenes are notoriously hard to recreate. To produce our crime scene reconstructions, we incorporate many different elements, such as trajectory analysis, ballistics, blood evidence, surveillance camera videos, police in-car video, police and dispatch communications, police In-car GPS data, police reports, and even CSI reports. We put all of this together to create a reconstruction with 3D animations, illustrations and visual exhibits. Don’t just tell your audience what you think happened, show them what you know happened.

We have years of verified experience in forensic animations and trial exhibits like shooting reconstructions, and our work has been aired on famous TV shows like CBS 48 hours. Our services are helpful for both the prosecutor or the defense, whichever side needs to present the truth. Contact us now by using our online form or call us at (216) 502-0400.

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