Personal Injury and Death Reconstruction

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Too many times, a serious crime that resulted in either death or injury becomes what is referred to as a “he said, she said” situation in court. This phrase means both parties have an opposing story as to what happened and there is no evidence to confidently backup the truth. This is quite unfortunate when it occurs and often means the guilty party will walk free without being held liable for their actions. A judge and jury are unlikely to bring down a guilty verdict or judgement making someone financially responsible if there isn’t real evidence to look at.

If your case is going to trial without direct evidence, does that mean you are destined to lose? Of course not. You can bring in the experts at Evidence Room for our personal injury and death reconstruction services. For the last 17 years, our team has developed both printed strategic exhibits, animations, storyboards, timelines, day in the life videos, legal photography, video services, and interactive presentations to make cases more understandable for juries and judges. It is simply not enough to tell them what happened. Most people are visual learners, and you need to show them exactly what happened and how it affects the injured party. This is particularly helpful in cases such as:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Premises liability
  • Workplace injury
  • Other travel related accidents
  • Officer-related shootings
  • Any other accidental injury or death


Do not risk an unfavorable verdict being handed down because your side of the argument is not well understood. When you allow us to help you visualize the key pieces of the puzzle for your audience, they will see the big picture!

Contact us today to get started. Do not delay, as every day that your trial grows closer is another day lost to prepare the evidence you need to win. We can be reached by calling (216) 502-0400 or emailing

Other professional proficiencies include:

Autopsy Visual Interpretation
Application of the Principles of Forensic Science
Graphic Design
Video Production
Application of the Principles of Police Policy and Procedures

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