Medical Animations Used for Medical Interactive Exhibits

If you’re presenting a complicated case to a jury of non-medical experts, a single animation may be insufficient in presenting the magnitude or number of injuries sufficiently. In these cases, it is better to present a medical interactive exhibit that will methodically lead your audience step-by-step through all medical conditions, the harm done, or surgical procedures in order to help them better understand.

A Summary of Injuries is the most common type of interactive exhibit. This exhibit demonstrates to the jury the complexity and severity of each injury, one by one. You will then have the ability to display each injury individually and switch to an overall look at multiple injuries in a single view, displaying the severity of the sum of harm done. A Summary of Injuries medical illustration is often a cost-effective tool for mediations, as the defense will not want such an easy-to-understand piece of evidence presented at trial. At Evidence Room, our medical animators can develop these interactive exhibits for injuries and surgeries.

Medical Interactive Exhibits are often used for the following:

  • Personal Injury – to explain conscious pain and suffering or other permanent deficits.
  • Criminal Defense or Prosecution – to demonstrate the cause of injury or death.
  • Medical Negligence – to show the standard of care violations and surgical mistakes.
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