Why Oscar Pistorius is not guilty of murder.

August 30, 2017 By Scott Roder

This much publicized criminal proceeding in South Africa has been the talk internationally over the last several years amongst crime scene experts like myself and the general viewing public. I’ve listen to many pundits opinions and other legal experts who have followed the case closely but still from afar… [Read More]

3 Cases. 2 Settlement and 1 Jury Verdict. Total Award $10,000,000.00+

July 19, 2016 By Scott Roder

The work of the Evidence Room in visually demonstrating that the physical evidence in these cases directly contradicted the police officers’ versions of events was essential to revealing a truthful depiction of the events in question, which translated into justice for my clients.… [Read More]

The Benefits of Demonstrative Evidence

July 23, 2015 By Scott Roder

Proving your case to a jury, even for the most talented lawyers is often a difficult task. People tend to be more visually than verbally oriented, just as the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”, here at The Evidence Room our animations are worth a thousand pictures. We strive to demonstrate accurate forensic animated… [Read More]

Wisdom Come From Many Places

September 10, 2015 By Scott Roder

John Campanelli works as a publisher at Crain’s Cleveland Business. He has recently published an article about Wisdom and the different places it comes from. As part of his article, Campanelli uses a anecdote from Scott Roder, Owner of The Evidence Room, to be used as an example of the importance of knowing when to say “I don’t know”…[Read More]

The Doctor’s Daughter

October 09, 2015 By Scott Roder

The Evidence Room has been, once again, working hand in hand with CBS News 48 Hours team on a new shocking and complicated murder case. Dr. Robert Neulander is a one of the most highly recognized gynecologists in the area of Syracuse, NY; and shares a “happy”… [Read More]

Evidence Room Methodology

February 10, 2016 By Scott Roder

-Engage client on retainer agreement; the Evidence Room understands and appreciates the scope of the project from the onset and terms of payment are important to have realistic expectations and turnaround time to meet budgets and deadlines… [Read More]

$6,000,000 Verdict Announcement

April 19, 2016 By Scott Roder

After being retained by the Cochran law firm of Los Angeles and attorney Brian Dunn, The Evidence Room conducted a reconstruction of the shooting events related to this federal officer involved lawsuit. Mr. Roder testified for the plaintiff relative to the foundation of his… [Read More]

The Spangenberg Institute

April 22, 2016 By Scott Roder

Scott Roder was invited to present at the first annual Spangenberg litigation Institute. This event was held at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association in Cleveland, OH. It was attended by many of the city’s top litigators. Nicholas DiCello and Scott Roder put together… [Read More]

Welcome ACTL Attendees

May 04, 2016 By Scott Roder

[Read More]


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